Best deals for Black Friday and After….A Must Read if you want the Best Deals!

Best deals for Black Friday and After….A Must Read if you want the Best Deals!

As we approach December, the holiday season is getting into full swing, and that means that it’s time to look for some of the best shopping deals of the year. Some of the best deals of the year are found around this time, particularly during the Thanksgiving weekend and through until the 26th of November.

Whether you decide to take advantage of the Black Friday rush sales, or want to wait a little longer to do your holiday shopping, this guide will help you to find the best deals, including examples of how you can do your holiday shopping from the convenience of your own home.

Black Friday 2017

Black Friday officially starts on November 24, but sales typically continue until Sunday and sometimes even up until Monday the 27th of November. Millions of shoppers around the world hold off on their big ticket purchases for Black Friday, hoping to take advantage of huge discounts on popular products, especially tech items like computers and cell phones.

All of the leading consumer electronics retailers, such as Best Buy, offer heavily discounted items for the Black Friday weekend. They have a heavy leaning on modern tech when it comes to their best deals, and some of their deals are already going live for the weekend ahead.

If you’re looking for televisions, cell phones, tablets, or even laptops and watches, then now could be the best time to buy. Best Buy deals are regularly updating online and you can view the latest sales here. One of their most highly publicized deals is for a significant $350 discount on Samsung smart phones, including the latest flagship models like the Galaxy S8, S8+, and the recently released Note 8. These deals are offered in conjunction with carriers like Verizon and Sprint, and are tied to monthly installment plans. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your smartphone or giving one as a gift to a family member, then this is likely to be one of the best deals that you’ll see on these products this year.

Best Buy is also highly competitive with television sales, offering 4K (Ultra HD) models for prices starting from just over $400. With most models you can expect at least $200 discounted from the standard retail price, which is quite impressive considering that 4K is still a relatively new technology.

Competing retailer, Target, is also preparing Black Friday deals, which should include similar tech products as well as children’s toys, apparel, and home appliances. Although Target hasn’t yet gone live with their best deals, consumers can keep up to date by signing up for early access.

Keep in mind that although retailers like Target and Best Buy center their deals around the Black Friday weekend, it is not unusual for them to extend the deal period on some of their product lines. Stock can be limited during this period so getting your shopping early during the Black Friday weekend will be the best way to secure the best deals. In-store deals may vary from what is offered online, so if you’re happy to deal with the Black Friday rush, then heading to your local big box retailer is a good idea.

Deals After Black Friday

Although Black Friday is the most significant discount shopping period of the year, there will still be plenty of deals throughout the holiday season, right up until the end of the year. If you don’t want to deal with the lines and the crowds, then is the most popular online marketplace for online deals. The online retail giant will be offering their own Black Friday deals, as well as Christmas and New Year deals as we approach the end of the year.

For daily deals of a variety of products, refresh Amazon’s Daily Deals page. This can include lightning deals that offer limited stock on a first in, first served basis. The company may also offer Prime deals throughout the holiday, so if you have a premium membership to amazon, then you could be rewarded with some of the best shopping deals that aren’t available to everyone.

Best Shopping Days According to Research

Looking outside of Black Friday, flash deals, and general holiday season shopping, there is something of a science to finding the best prices in almost any store. Here are the best days to shop for various products, as noted by Kiplinger personal finance magazine.

  • Deals that run on Mondays are generally most favorable for electronics, and can be up to $50 cheaper than other days of the week.
  • Jewelry prices generally hit their lowest on Wednesdays, however, fluctuations are typically minor, due to the stable value of precious metals and stones used in jewelry making.
  • Video game and consumer electronics deals generally surface from Monday to Wednesday. If you’re someone who likes to scout the local shops for deals in the weeks leading up to the holidays, then these days could lead to some great purchases.
  • Book deals typically appear on Saturdays, however, you will be able to find good discounts at throughout the entire holiday period.
  • If you’re looking for big box home appliances, Sunday’s usually have the best in-store deals.

Holiday shopping can be an exciting time, but can also be stressful for some. Take the stress out by shopping online, or if you are going to head into your local store, check online for deals first. Also keep in mind that although Black Friday presents some of the best deals of the year, it won’t be the last time that you see significant discounts in 2017.